Hazardous Waste

Government Legislation regarding wood waste (1st of September 2023)

From the 1st of September, the regulatory position statement which allowed potentially hazardous wood waste such as wood from construction and demolition to be treated as non-hazardous has been withdrawn by the environment agency. This means a number of wood waste items from buildings constructed pre 2007 will now have to be treated as hazardous and cannot be sent to most wood recyclers.

These items will require specialist disposal unless testing can be provided to demonstrate the wood fraction is not hazardous.

Potentially hazardous items include;

– Barge Boards
– External Fascias
– Soffit Boards
– External Joinery
– External Doors
– Roof Timbers
– Tiling Cladding
– Tiling Battens
– Time Frames
– Timber Joists

If you have any of this waste to dispose of, please call us to discuss disposal.

Government Legislation regarding soft furnishings (1st of January 2023)

Waste domestic seating is any item of seating of a household type from households or businesses that is waste. Upholstered domestic seating may contain Persistant Organic Polutants (POPs).

For example;

– Sofas / Sofa beds
– Armchairs
– Kitchen / Dining Room Chairs
– Stools / Foot Stools
– Home Office Chairs
– Futons
– Bean bags, floor & sofa cusions

This includes any part made of or containing leather, synthetic leather, other fabric or foam.

Due to this new Government legislation, items containing this will be charged according to the new rates given. These items will also have to be transported seperately regardless of quantity.